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With 22 years of experience in interior design and construction management, Jason Lie established Jason Lie Interiors in 2014 with a predominant focus on residential, retail and exhibition spaces. Projects by the firm are defined by simplicity, clean lines,  innovative layouts and a vibrant mix of different materials intended to add depth to the interior. The firm tends to use crisp white as the key colour scheme to achieve an uncluttered look, accomplished with homeowner preferences and lifestyle in order to create a home that reflects the client’s personality


從事室內設計及工程管理22年,於2014年創立Jason Lie Interiors,主力住宅、店鋪及商業設計工程項目。設計風格主張簡約,線條利 落,擅長突破常規空間框架,配合適當的空間規劃突顯其功能性,再以不同物料豐富設計效果。作品多以白色為基本元素,融入客戶個人喜好的顏色、生活習慣,達致一個富個性化的空間設計。


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